Forthcoming Book

by Dmitry Ermakov

Thanks to the work of many scholars, interest in Bon in the West has been growing in recent years and various materials are now available. However, these are generally rather piecemeal, scattered or of dubious authenticity. This Introduction pulls together a wealth of information from both academic and religious sources, presenting its findings in a concise, logical way to give the reader ready access to essential information on all core aspects of the various Bonpo traditions.

Dmitry Ermakov spent a year at Oxford University as Research Assistant to Dr. Charles Ramble, and it was during this time that several of his colleagues and students encouraged him to put pen to paper, urging him to write a much-needed 'Bon primer.' Some months later, Ermakov was asked to contribute an article on Bon for the new edition of the Russian Encyclopaedia of Buddhism, and it is this article which formed the basis of Concise Introduction to Bon.

Due to its complexity, special attention is given to Yungdrung Bon here, with  a very detailed yet concise exposition of the views and practices pertaining to the differenf levels of mdo ngags sems gsum [Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen] and the major systems into which these teachings are classified.

This publication will be a valuable resource for all those interested in Bon, both scholars and practitioners alike.

We are aiming for a simultaneous release in English and Russian in 2014. The manuscript is currently being verified and translated.

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